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Lifetime Hosting?

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Over the last months there has been an incredible amount of people (mostly affiliates) emailing about the new that offers a one-off payment for hosting.

Having paid hosting fees to various companies for over 20 years this sounded too good to be true especially as the price ($67) was pretty cheap. So I bought a plan with this company and expected to get an email with my account details from this company, instead I got an email from JVZoo, which in itself worried me a little as I had expected a hosting company to speak/email me directly and not hide behind the JVZoo veil of secrecy.

Despite this I proceeded to go thorough the process of setting up an account. This took several weeks as before doing so I needed to contact support to help me make changes to the username(email) they had used for my account.

Lifetime Hosting Support

Lifetime hosting says this:

We offer 24×7 technical support at
We offer 24×7 technical live chat help at

Chat help at Lifetime Hosting

In reality however what I found at Lifetime hosting was very different. My many attempts to get a chat support opened to answer my question proved fruitless and I never did get that, despite trying at different times of the day and on different work days (not weekend).

Technical Support Tickets

I therefore turned to the support ticket system and soon had my first ticket submitted. However this ticket was not answered for many days and during my time waiting I submitted a second ticket also. I was never sent any notification that my tickets had been dealt with but after 4 days they were answered. Boy was I in for a surprise when I read the replies – read “Account problems at lifetime hosting below.

Account Problems at Lifetime Hosting

I was shocked to see that my question about why my domain was not being displayed properly on my new hosting company (after seeing it propagate) was answered with this:

 I have checked and found you have just pointed your domain to you will need to purchase a hosting and migrate your domain to,”

It would seem that actually despite my having created 3 WordPress installs and migrated all files from an html site, using the C-Panel of my new Lifetime Hosting account that the support tech team are unable to find my hosting account.

I have now reopened this ticket – yes lifetime hosting automatically close all tickets without waiting for your reply, and also opened a new ticket with the sales department to try and resolve all this mess. I guess I’ll hear in 4 days and will  post their answer here.

How The Move To Affected Me

When opening an hosting account at you are given the choice of a free domain however I chose instead to use an existing domain for the main domain on my hosting account. I subsequently moved all the files over to my new hosting account and then changed the DN servers to point to this account so that the downtime of the site would be minimal. Sadly that was not to be as the problems started when my website became invisible after the DNS settings had propagated.

As a result this site has effectively been offline and so not making any money (yes it sells products).

What to consider before buying hosting at

  1. Can you afford to lose $67 purchase price?
  2. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
  3. Don’t move your money sites until the support teams get faster. Start with a blog or similar site that does not yet earn you money.
  4. Can you afford to spend the time sorting out any problems.
  5. If it ain’t broke… Do you need a new hosting company?

I hope this will help you when you consider and if you decide to purchase then at least give you warning of what might happen.

It does seem that the Welcome Page message “It’s Easy to Setup” is not quite as accurate as one might hope for.

1 Day After Writing The Above Post on

Today I returned to the support website for and found that I am now locked out from this site. My login details no longer being recognised I am unable to see if any tickets have been answered. The result is no support to resolve the problems.

It does seem that my final ticket to support (yesterday) where I mentioned that I was not impressed by the support, has resulted in this.

Since this action has not been accompanied by a refund of the purchase costs I am assuming that will not be forthcoming either.

However I am able to login with a different login I created after purchase and so was able to confirm that whilst all my website files are still hosted my support tickets have been removed – so the support team have effectively removed their services from my account.

Is a Scam?

I personally don’t think this is a scam, even after having lost $67 and the loss of earnings from the site I moved. I believe this is just teething problems for a new hosting company with insufficient resources for support. It is a shame that rather than resolve my problem they seem to have cut and run taking my money, but I would rather pay that than find out later after moving more websites to this hosting company.

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