Fighting Gravity


Cal Jam

I really really thought they should have won


+Way Morphz only cause ossi Osborn (idk how to spell his name) wanted singer to win


there last performance wasn’t great compared to the others imo


Can’t get wrong with the Glitch Mob.

Philemon Suren

Thanks 5-bullet Friday

Maddie Grace

These guys are still my favorite and they should have 100% won. I would have much rather watched this than a 10 year old opera singer…


she was really fucking talented, but thats the problem with this show. Its like comparing apples and oranges, there is never a fare comparison. And she didnt even win, some rock singer did.


singers need to stick to fucking singing shows. its what they’re made for

Zarls Bot

I get chills watching these guys XD

Neel 2000

4:23 JUSTICE BABY! Genesis is my fav song from them!

emre_ skiman

u can see arms go across there legs in the first one


Singers always wins against innovative groups….

T Tran

They lost because they took this idea from a Japanese show. Look up ‘matrix ping pong’ if you wanna see the true innovators.


+T Tran It was cool and unique in Got Talent. They took inspiration from Matrix Ping Pong and based their act around it. I doubt the Matrix Ping Pong influenced their scores anyway.


the lost because of a singer that’s really f up

Dylan Kessler

Animus Vox by Glitch Mob


haha u guys complain so much about singers.

emre_ skiman

on the space one u can see the cable

Sage Derrig

They should’ve won. But all America’s Got Winners have been solo acts, save for the one season the dogs won. So it’s rigged.


I still cant believe that they lost against a fucking kid singing opera….

Oliver Priest

Fake… no way they can stay upside down that long (sorry if you can’t detect sarcasm)

Nicholas Chan

+Scratch no, there are people holding them up

Purple Ion

Ah the nostalgia…my favourite agt group



The Wank Champ

yeah, I remember watching this live on tv

Nicholas deBessonet

Holy shit the skateboard one is my favorite. The part where they float and do the kick flip is perfect with the music.

Rep Tille

Glitch Mob brought me here în 2016

yehia elshafy

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